The objective of the Chromoscience is to provide comprehensive coverage of the broad spectrum of news and education pertaining to life science, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and health. Readers interested will discover coverage of current events that are both relevant and intriguing. We work hard to provide a diverse selection of articles for our audience, which includes academics, researchers, scientists, healthcare professionals, and students. Stories published in the Chromoscience go beyond the use of simple appealing language due to the highly educated and intelligent readership and audience that they are aimed at. The common questions of a story are all revealed to us. Our objective is to scour the internet for fascinating articles about scientific research, dig out the relevant information, and provide our audience with all of the news and education they need in one source.

We are located in San Marcos, California.

General email: contacts@chromoscience.org

Benison P. Zerrudo (Linkedin)
Website Manager at Chromoscience.org
Associate Biochemist at ScienCell Research Laboratories
California State University San Marcos – Graduated BS Biological Science