Functions of the Human Body System

Photo by Ree from Pexels

function msg1() { document.getElementById(“button1″).value=”Integumentary System”; } – organ system that protects against environmental hazard, retains water, regulate temperature, synthesize vitamin D, skin sensation, and functions as non-verbal communication such as blushing.

function msg2() { document.getElementById(“button2″).value=”Skeletal System”; } – organ system that supports the body, protects soft tissues, storage for minerals, and production of blood.

function msg3() { document.getElementById(“button3″).value=”Muscular System”; } – organ system for movement, support, and production of heat.

function msg4() { document.getElementById(“button4″).value=”Nervous System”; } – organ system for directing responses to stimuli by coordinating the activities of the other organs in the body.

function msg5() { document.getElementById(“button5″).value=”Endocrine System”; } – organ system for producing hormones that regulate the activities of the other organ systems.

function msg6() { document.getElementById(“button6″).value=”Cardiovascular System”; } – organ system that transports cells and dissolved materials such as nutrients, gases, and wastes.

function msg7() { document.getElementById(“button7″).value=”Lymphatic System”; } – organ system for defense mechanism and immunity against disease and pathogens.

function msg8() { document.getElementById(“button8″).value=”Respiratory System”; } – organ system for delivering air to areas where gas exchange occur between the air and blood.

function msg9() { document.getElementById(“button9″).value=”Digestive System”; } – organ system that processes food and absorbs nutrients, minerals, and other fluids.

function msg10() { document.getElementById(“button10″).value=”Urinary System”; } – organ system that eliminates excess fluids, salts, and waste products.

function msg11() { document.getElementById(“button11″).value=”Reproductive System”; } – organ system that produces sex cells and involves in sexual reproduction.

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