Highlights: New Species of Pygmy Seahorse Discovered

An adult male Hippocampus nalu will grow to a maximum of just 2 centimeters long. (Photograph by Richard Smith, via University of Leeds)
  • The tiny seahorse was discovered near the continent of Africa.
  • There were only seven pygmy seahorses identified around the world.
  • Research scientist unofficially named the creature Hippocampus nalu.
  • The tiny seahorse have a honey-brown color and a reddish tail which allows them to mix in with the surrounding algae and sand.
  • The newly discovered species grow to a maximum size of 2 centimeter.
  • They are so small that two of the seahorses would fit in a U.S. nickel coin.
  • According to National Geographic, the new species have spines on their backs, while the other identified species have flat-tipped spines.





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