Images: iViva Baja! and Tentacles Exhibit in Monterey Bay Aquarium

By: Monterey Bay Aquarium

iViva Baja!: The slithery. The scaly. The spectacularly showy. Discover incredible animals from land and sea in this special exhibition featuring creatures from the coastal habitats of Baja California. Life here thrives on the edge of sand and surf, where rugged desert coastline meets the sapphire waters of the Pacific.

Tentacles: Journey to a world of undersea magicians, masters of disguise and quick-change artists. Our special exhibition is the largest, most diverse living exhibit ever created to showcase these amazing animals. You won’t believe your eyes.

Below are photos from the iViva Baja! and Tentacles exhibit which includes desert turtoise, lookdown, rainbow wrasse, hermit crab, Pacific seahorse, cuttlefish, nautilus, and squids.


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