Research Highlights: Cancer Cells Evade Death from Chemotherapy

Cancer Cells Evade Death from Chemotherapy

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  • Cancer cells enter a state where it can evade death from chemotherapy and targeted agents.
  • During this death evasion state, therapy failure and tumor relapse may occur.
  • Researchers identify and characterize the cancer cell death evasion in response to chemotherapy.
  • Researchers utilized cellular barcoding and mathematical modeling in patient-derived colorectal cancer models.
  • Analysis revealed that therapy has no effect on tumors that entered death evasion state.
  • Additionally, recurrence is followed after ending treatment.
  • Data shows that all cancer cells have the ability to become immortal to chemotherapy.
  • Researchers determined that the death evasion state is transcriptionally and functionally similar to diapause.
  • Diapause occurs when the development of an embryo is suspended in response to unfavorable environmental conditions.
  • The study provides more understanding into how cancer cells use a developmentally conserved mechanism to drive the death evasion state.
  • The result demands a new therapeutic opportunities to target the death evasion mechanism.

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