Research Highlights: High body mass index and weight gain linked to reduced penile length

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High body mass index and weight gain linked to reduced penile length

  • Researchers assessed the erected and non-erected penis size in Italian men.
  • Number of individuals: 4685 Italian men
  • Time range: January 2019 to January 2000
  • Erect lengths and circumferences were measured in both erected and non-erected states.
  • They measured from the lower base to the distal penile tip.
  • Mean non-erected penis length: 9.47 cm
  • Mean non-erected penis circumference: 9.59 cm
  • Mean erected penis length: 16.78 cm
  • Mean erected penis circumference: 12.03 cm
  • Linear analysis revealed that height is associated with penis length and erected penis circumference.
  • High body mass index is associated with reduced erected penis length.
  • Weight gain is also associated with the reduction of non-erected penis length.


Di Mauro, M., Tonioni, C., Cocci, A., Kluth, L. A., Russo, G. I., Gomez Rivas, J., Cacciamani, G., Cito, G., Morelli, G., Polloni, G., di Maida, F., Giunti, D., & Trauma, Reconstructive Urology, Men’s Health Working Parties of the European Association of Urology (EAU) Young Academic Urologists (YAU) (2021). Penile length and circumference dimensions: A large study in young Italian men. Andrologia, e14053. Advance online publication.

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