Research Highlights: New Species of Peacock Spider Discovered in Australia

New Species of Peacock Spider Discovered in Australia

  • Maratus or commonly known as peacock spider belongs to the family Salticidae or jumping spider.[1]
  • The male peacock spider is known to have colorful abdomen which is enhanced with lateral flaps during courtship.
  • Joseph Schubert of Murdoch University in Australia discovered a new species of peacock spider.
  • His work was published on March 25, 2021 in Evolutionary Systematics .
  • The new peacock spider was given the scientific name Maratus nemo sp. nov.
  • The new spider is described based from the five samples collected from the vicinities of Mount McIntyre and Nangwarry, South Australia.
  • The new species is unusual compared to other members of its genus.
  • The new species seems to inhabit ephemeral wetland on marshy vegetation in shallow water.
  • Ephemeral wetlands are formed in closed depressions lacking a surface outlet and are wet only seasonally or in wet years.[2]
  • Discovery of new species can be attributed to the increasing interest in amateur invertebrate photography.
  • More putative new species are brought to attention of taxonomists by means of social media engagement.

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Schubert J (2021) Maratus nemo: A new wetland species of peacock spider from South Australia (Araneae, Salticidae, Euophryini). Evolutionary Systematics 5(1): 71-80.



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