Research Summary: Diesterified Nitrone Rescues Nitroso-Redox Levels and Increases Myocyte Contraction Via Increased SR Ca2+ Handling


Nitric oxide (NO) and superoxide (O2) are important cardiac signaling molecules that regulate myocyte contraction. For appropriate regulation, NO and O2.− must exist at defined levels. Unfortunately, the NO and O2.− levels are altered in many cardiomyopathies (heart failure, ischemia, hypertrophy, etc.) leading to contractile dysfunction and adverse remodeling. Hence, rescuing the nitroso-redox levels is a potential therapeutic strategy. Nitrone spin traps have been shown to scavenge O2.− while releasing NO as a reaction byproduct; and we synthesized a novel, cell permeable nitrone, 2–2–3,4-dihydro-2H-pyrrole 1-oxide (EMEPO). We hypothesized that EMEPO would improve contractile function in myocytes with altered nitroso-redox levels. Ventricular myocytes were isolated from wildtype (C57Bl/6) and NOS1 knockout (NOS1−/−) mice, a known model of NO/O2.− imbalance, and incubated with EMEPO. EMEPO significantly reduced O2.− (lucigenin-enhanced chemiluminescence) and elevated NO (DAF-FM diacetate) levels in NOS1−/− myocytes. Furthermore, EMEPO increased NOS1−/− myocyte basal contraction (Ca2+ transients, Fluo-4AM; shortening, video-edge detection), the force-frequency response and the contractile response to β-adrenergic stimulation. EMEPO had no effect in wildtype myocytes. EMEPO also increased ryanodine receptor activity (sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ leak/load relationship) and phospholamban Serine16 phosphorylation (Western blot). We also repeated our functional experiments in a canine post-myocardial infarction model and observed similar results to those seen in NOS1−/− myocytes. In conclusion, EMEPO improved contractile function in myocytes experiencing an imbalance of their nitroso-redox levels. The concurrent restoration of NO and O2.− levels may have therapeutic potential in the treatment of various cardiomyopathies.


Publisher: Public Library of Science

Date Published: 27-December-2012

Author(s): Traynham C., Roof S., Wang H., Prosak R., Tang L., Viatchenko-Karpinski S., Ho H., Racoma I., Catalano D., Huang X., Han Y., Kim S., Gyorke S., Billman G., Villamena F., Ziolo M.


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