Research Summary: Predicting Housekeeping Genes Based on Fourier Analysis


Housekeeping genes (HKGs) generally have fundamental functions in basic biochemical processes in organisms, and usually have relatively steady expression levels across various tissues. They play an important role in the normalization of microarray technology. Using Fourier analysis we transformed gene expression time-series from a Hela cell cycle gene expression dataset into Fourier spectra, and designed an effective computational method for discriminating between HKGs and non-HKGs using the support vector machine (SVM) supervised learning algorithm which can extract significant features of the spectra, providing a basis for identifying specific gene expression patterns. Using our method we identified 510 human HKGs, and then validated them by comparison with two independent sets of tissue expression profiles. Results showed that our predicted HKG set is more reliable than three previously identified sets of HKGs.


Publisher: Public Library of Science

Date Published: 8-June-2011

Author(s): Dong B., Zhang P., Chen X., Liu L., Wang Y., He S., Chen R.


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