Research Summary: TargetMine, an Integrated Data Warehouse for Candidate Gene Prioritisation and Target Discovery


Prioritising candidate genes for further experimental characterisation is a
non-trivial challenge in drug discovery and biomedical research in general. An
integrated approach that combines results from multiple data types is best
suited for optimal target selection. We developed TargetMine, a data warehouse
for efficient target prioritisation. TargetMine utilises the InterMine
framework, with new data models such as protein-DNA interactions integrated in a
novel way. It enables complicated searches that are difficult to perform with
existing tools and it also offers integration of custom annotations and in-house
experimental data. We proposed an objective protocol for target prioritisation
using TargetMine and set up a benchmarking procedure to evaluate its
performance. The results show that the protocol can identify known
disease-associated genes with high precision and coverage. A demonstration
version of TargetMine is available at


Publisher: Public Library of Science

Date Published: 8-March-2011

Author(s): Chen Y., Tripathi L., Mizuguchi K.


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