Research Summary: The Serine 814 of TRPC6 Is Phosphorylated under Unstimulated Conditions


TRPC are nonselective cation channels involved in calcium entry. Their regulation by phosphorylation has been shown to modulate their routing and activity. TRPC6 activity increases following phosphorylation by Fyn, and is inhibited by protein kinase G and protein kinase C. A previous study by our group showed that TRPC6 is phosphorylated under unstimulated conditions in a human embryonic kidney cells line (HEK293). To investigate the mechanism responsible for this phosphorylation, we used a MS/MS approach combined with metabolic labeling and showed that the serine at position 814 is phosphorylated in unstimulated cells. The mutation of Ser814 into Ala decreased basal phosphorylation but did not modify TRPC6 activity. Even though Ser814 is within a consensus site for casein kinase II (CK2), we showed that CK2 is not involved in the phosphorylation of TRPC6 and does not modify its activity. In summary, we identified a new basal phosphorylation site (Ser814) on TRPC6 and showed that CK2 is not responsible for the phosphorylation of this site.


Publisher: Public Library of Science

Date Published: 23-March-2011

Author(s): Bousquet S., Monet M., Boulay G.


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